House Atreides House Harkonnen Fremen House Ordos
Join to protect stability and peace! Use your brute force to dominate all! Make use of stealth to attain freedom for your people! Quench your thirst for unimaginable wealth!
25% Defend Bonus 25% Attack Bonus 25% Spy Bonus 25% Income Bonus

Game Overview
Dune Wars is a massive multiplayer 100% web based online strategy game, fight as one of the 4 Races, in constant battle for the control of the cosmos (see battlefield rankings for who is currently dominating). Be wary though, as thousands of others will be trying to conquer you!
You will have armies, covert intelligence, weaponry, planets, advanced technologies and an economic realm to use as tools to accomplish your goals. You can battle alone, become commander of others, join an existing commander, as well as apply for protection and guidance from one of the many alliances. as a player you will have many choices, and countless possibilities.
Good Luck! may the best player win!

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